Volunteer Spotlight: Stacey Coleman Morse

Stacey Coleman Morse

Stacey Coleman Morse, E77, is a volunteer with seemingly boundless energy; she gives generously of her time, expertise, and leadership as a member of the School of Engineering’s Board of Advisors, the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) Advisory Board, and the Tufts Annual Giving Leadership Council. She makes a Tufts Fund gift every year and is extremely proud of her efforts advocating annual giving to others. Her multiyear Brighter World annual fund pledge to the School of Engineering and the CEEO is a demonstration of her belief in the importance of consistent annual giving to undergraduate education.


What motivates your support of Tufts?

I started to give shortly after I graduated. It kept me connected to a place that was very special to me. Tufts was transformative. I learned not just technical skills but also how to be comfortable in almost any setting. In 1973, I was one of just a few women engineers, so I learned to be sort of gender blind, if you will. I learned how to work hard and be efficient, first as a civil engineer and then, after Harvard Business School, in investment banking. And Tufts was a great place because it fed my love of the arts, in ways I couldn’t have predicted.


How did you get more involved with the annual fund?

It goes back more than 20 years, when Ioannis Miaoulis [E83, AG86, EG87, E12P, E14P], the former dean of the School of Engineering, came to visit me in New York. I said, “Why are you calling on me? I haven’t been a major donor.” He said, “Well, you’ve given every year since graduation.” I understood at that point that consistency builds a fundraising foundation. So that’s what I encourage people to think about. It doesn’t matter the amount you give—but that every year you give what you can.


What’s most rewarding for you as a volunteer?

Involvement! I look forward to seeing other board members—I’ve really missed seeing them this past year. And I always look forward to visiting the School of Engineering. There are so many interesting projects. The new Nolop FAST (Fabrication, Analysis, Simulation and Testing) makerspace is fabulous. Engineering education has changed dramatically since I was there. It’s exciting.


What key messages do you like to share with others?

Tufts is a very mighty place, but we need to be sure it stays strong. When I give to Tufts, I know that I make a difference in the lives of students and faculty. The annual fund keeps my personal connection alive and meaningful. I hope I can show others that giving to Tufts feels great.