Tufts Faculty Webinar Series

The Tufts University Alumni Association is launching new webinar series that returns alumni to the classroom --no matter where they live.

The Tufts Faculty Webinar Series grew out of conversations about how to reconnect alumni with Tufts, said Nancy Lattimore, J66, AG71, chair of the Alumni Council’s Continuing Education committee.

“I know that alumni all around the world will be excited by the new series, and what the faculty will share,” she said. “From ape extinction, oil wealth, and Greek mythology, these are topics so relevant to our times. It’s a wonderful way for us to go back to Tufts.”

Participation is free and easy. Online registration occurs through Cvent; follow the links below. A confirmation will provide a link to the specific WebEx location. The webinars also will be available on-demand after the live event in the Tufts Alumni Playlist on YouTube. 

If you have questions, please contact Joda Glossner, assistant director of alumni engagement.

Upcoming Live Webinars


    A Scholar of the Old and the New: Digitizing D'Arcy Thompson's Glossary of Greek Birds with Marie-Claire Bealieu, associate professor, Classics; Anthony Bucci, lecturer, Computer Science; Jennifer Burton, Professor of the Practice and Filmmaker, Drama and Dance; Michael Reed, professor, Avian Ecology and Conservation Biology

    May 3, 2018, 12 - 1 p.m.


    Take an all-star team of Tufts classicists, computer scientists, filmmakers and biologists. Send them on a collaborative exploration of the work of a pioneer of interdisciplinary research between the sciences and humanities. Sit back and see the results:

    • Extraordinary insights into the work of D’Arcy Thompson, a biologist and classicist who influenced generations of scientists, humanists, and artists
    • Fascinating observations on the symbolism of Greek bird lore
    • Powerful new ways to apply computational methods to the Humanities
    • Exciting strategies for using filmmaking and multi-media to engage new audiences


    Recorded Webinars

    Chimpanzee behavior and the evolution of human warfare with Zarin Machanda, assistant professor in anthropology and biology
    Watch recording   

    Learn about Machanda's 15-year study of the function ofsocial relationships among chimpanzees in Uganda and the importance of conservation at a field site that has the highest density of primates on earth.

    The great ape extinction crisis with Zarin Machanda, assistant professor of anthropology and biology
    Watch recording

    The great apes are in crisis due to habitat destruction, poaching, and disease, and it is likely that several species will go extinct in the wild in the next 20 years. But people in range countries and here in the United States can help. Educating children is just one step.

    The perils and promise of oil wealth with Nimah Mazaheri, associate professor of political science
    Watch recording

    Why do so many oil-rich countries remain so under-developed? Could oil wealth itself be the culprit?

    Drawing on insights from his latest book, Dr. Mazaheri will help you understand key aspects of the “paradox of plenty,” including:

    • Why entrepreneurs often suffer and black markets thrive in oil-rich nations
    • How alternative energy can imperil a petroleum-based economy
    • Which nations are escaping the fossil fuel trap
    • How the so-called “resource curse” can ultimately affect consumers like you