What My Scholarship Means to Me

With the help of generous donors, Tufts awards more than 2,000 scholarships every year. Here, three recipients describe the difference scholarships have made in their lives.
Scholarship Recipients



Nesi Altaras

Nesi Altaras, A19

Two-time recipient of the Ali Sabanci International Term Scholarship

Tufts University School of Arts and Sciences

“I am a senior from Istanbul, Turkey, majoring in international relations and economics. The Sabanci Term Scholarship allowed me to spend my junior year at Oxford through a Tufts program, where I was able to explore my interest in Middle Eastern affairs and decided to pursue an academic career. I also had the chance to meet Mr. Sabanci, A91, who was happy to talk to a current student and give me advice. I feel grateful to have received his scholarship.”



Jacqueline Tatro

Jacqueline Tatro, V20

Recipient of the Oscar Gerstein Term Scholarship (established by Edward M. Gerstein in honor of his late dog, Oscar)

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

“I plan on becoming a veterinarian in a practice that will allow me to work with both large and small animals. This scholarship has taken pressure off a portion of my educational expenses, which will in turn give me more flexibility in my future occupational decisions. I very much look forward to the future and I thank Mr. Gerstein for helping me along the way.”



Nicole Huang

Nicole Huang, M22

Recipient of the James Chang, M.D., M68 Scholarship

Tufts University School of Medicine

“I am honored to be one of the first recipients of the James Chang Scholarship. I aspire to become a primary care physician in an underserved community one day, and this scholarship lightened my financial burden, allowing me to focus on my medical education. Dr. Chang’s generosity also inspired me to give back to my community. Like him, I hope I can one day help students achieve their dreams of becoming physicians.”


Students like Nesi, Jacqueline, and Nicole find their passions and purpose at Tufts. 

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