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Janice Savin Williams, J79, an equity owner and managing director of the financial services firm Siebert Williams Shank & Co., LLC, has brought an irrepressible enthusiasm for the university’s progress to the Board of Trustees and the Campaign Cabinet Executive Committee.

Janice Savin Williams, J79
Louis A. Fiore, D62, and Jean H. Fiore, loyal donors to the School of Dental Medicine, are record-setting philanthropists
Louis A. Fiore, D62, and Jean H. Fiore
Charcuterie businessman Davide Dukcevich, A96, is inspired by pioneering research on lab-grown meat
Dukcevich and Kaplan

For years, Tufts University Trustee Kalahn Taylor-Clark, J99, MG01, wanted to give back to Tufts in a “really meaningful way,” but that didn’t seem possible while she was an early and mid-career health policy professional with a young family and limited resources.

Tufts trustees Mariann Youniss, Lisbeth Tarlow, and Kalahn Taylor-Clark, co-chairs of the new Women’s Impact Initiative at Tufts. (Illustrator: Agata Nowicka)