Anthony Monaco

Anthony P. Monaco served as the thirteenth president of Tufts University from 2011-2023. Under President Monaco’s leadership, the university enhanced Tufts’ longstanding commitments to innovation, collaboration, civic life and global perspectives. Major initiatives of Dr. Monaco’s tenure included the 2016 acquisition of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and university-wide initiatives on anti-racism, sexual misconduct prevention, student mental health, and sustainable operations. He also provided scientific leadership to guide higher education’s pandemic response and programs to assist our local communities.

A distinguished geneticist, Dr. Monaco’s doctoral research led to a landmark discovery of the gene responsible for X-linked Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Before coming to Tufts, he spent two decades as a faculty member and senior academic leader at the University of Oxford. His current research is revising our current models of heritability and Darwinian evolution to include both genetic and epigenetic mechanisms.