Ioannis Evrigenis

A native of Greece, Ioannis D. Evrigenis (Yannis) is Professor of Political Science and Director of the International Relations Program at Tufts University, where he also directs the Bodin@Tufts project.  Evrigenis teachers courses in ancient and early modern political thought, popular sovereignty, ethics and international relations, as well as seminars on Plato, Machiavelli, and Hobbes. He is the author of Images of Anarchy: The Rhetoric and Science in Hobbes's State of Nature, of articles on a wide range of issues in political theory, and co-editor of Johann Gottfried Herders Another Philosophy of History & Selected Political Writings. On this trip, Professor Evrigenis will discuss the political history of the Aegean from antiquity to the present, as well as the politics of modern Greece.