Shafiqul Islam

Shafik Islam is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Professor of Water Diplomacy at the Fletcher School. He is the Director of the Water Diplomacy Program and Director of Data-Driven Decision Making @ Tufts.  His research group works on the availability, access, and allocation of water within the context of climate challenges, health, data-driven decision-making, and diplomacy. His research and practice have been featured in numerous media outlets including the BBC World Service, Voice of America, Boston Globe, Huffington Post, Nature, and Yale E360. More information is here and here. As we explore this diverse landscape, Professor Islam will delve into the intricate relationship between water and Indian society, discovering how rivers like the sacred Ganges shape both the physical and spiritual realms of this dynamic nation. With unique perspectives gained from growing up in Bangladesh and residing in the United States, he will also guide us through the intricacies of ‘East meeting West.’ He will offer a nuanced understanding of India’s cultural, religious, and environmental heritage, enriching our experience as we navigate this captivating kaleidoscope of traditions, cultures, and landscapes.