Yannis Ioannides

Yannis M. Ioannides joined the Tufts faculty in September 1995 as the Max and Herta Neubauer Chair and Professor in Economics.  He received his BS from the  National Technical University, Athens, Greece, and his MS and Ph.D. both from Stanford University. A corresponding member of the Academy of Athens, Professor Ioannides has taught in several US universities and held visiting appointments at the London School of Economics. He teaches courses in economic growth, social economics, and the economics of the European Union. He also conducts research on the economics of housing and on ancient Hellenic urbanization (especially in connection with the invention of coinage and the development of literacy.) He has published several books and numerous scientific articles. He has had  a side interest in Medieval and Modern Greek Studies throughout his career and has chaired the Greek Study Group, Center for European Studies, Harvard University. He has lectured widely on Greece and the European Debt crisis, and writes regularly in the Greek press on topics of general interest. On this trip, he will discuss the economics and geopolitics of Greece from the perspective of  its ancient, medieval and modern cultural heritage and its European identity.