2021 Fund Recipients

2020 Fund Recipients

Sara Arman, A19

With the help of TUAA's Professional Development Fund, Sara Arman, A19, will participate in the competitive EMERGE Fellowship, which recruits and trains women across Massachusetts to run for political office.

Sara Arman, A19, International Relations & Middle Eastern Studies

Sara Arman, A19, International Relations & Middle Eastern Studies and recipient of an Alumni Professional Development Fund.

Christine Avena, VG13

With the help of TUAA's Professional Development Fund, Christine Avena, VG13 can attend the 2020 Northeast Bat Working Group meeting in New York. Attending this conference over three days allows Christine to be up to date on the latest research on bat conservation in the Northeastern U.S. and share her research on white-nose syndrome.

Photo of Christine Avena

Christine Avena, VG13, Conservation Medicine

Haleigh Len Copley-Cunningham, A19

With the help of the TUAA's Professional Development Fund, Haleigh Len Copley-Cunningham, A19, attended private Vietnamese Language courses at Vietnamese Language School in Ho Chi Minh City.  Haleigh served as a Princeton-in-Asia Fellow in Southern Vietnam through Princeton University and is teaching at Soc Trang Community College.

Photo of Haleigh Len Copley-Cunningham

Haleigh Len Copley-Cunningham, A19, Peace & Justice Studies

Josephine Faith Ong, A17

Josephine Faith Ong, A17 plans to attend the Association for Asian American Studies’ annual conference in Washington, D.C. and present her paper "Monumental Collaborations: Evaluating Filipino and U.S. Military Memorialization in Guåhan/Guam" at the panel "Settler Militarisms and the Decolonizing Pacific".

Photo of Josephine Faith Ong

Josephine Faith Ong, A17, International Relations & Asian American Studies

Rachel Henige, A15, AG18 Occupational Therapy

Rachel Henige, A15, AG18 will enroll in the Basic Sequential-Oral-Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding Course at the STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorders. By taking this course, she will be prepared to work with families to alleviate mealtime stress and help children receive the nutrition they need to develop.

Photo of Rachel Henige

Rachel Henige, A15, AG18 Occupational Therapy

Karen Schiff, AG06 Studio Art

Karen Schiff, AG06, will be able to have a solo exhibition of her work at the Nano Gallery, attend the closing artist’s talk, and deliver a paper about her research, “Books at the Borders of Picasso’s ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon,’” at the annual conference of the international Society of Textual Scholarship.

Photo of Karen Schiff

Karen Schiff, AG06 Studio Art