Sarah L. Tralins, A14 of Washington, DC

Sarah L. Tralins of Washington, D.C.

BA, Child Development, 2014 – Tisch Scholar, Fulbright Scholar (Alternate), Honos Civicus

MA, Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, 2016

Current Occupation: Manager for Global Programs (Latin America and the Caribbean), U.S. Trade and Development Agency

Previous Occupations: Program Assistant, Global Fairness Initiative

Tufts-affiliated Activities: 
Alumnus: member; alumni interviewer, Tufts Admissions Network; volunteer, Alumni 5th Year Reunion Committee; member/former Board member, Tufts Women DC; summer mentor, Tisch Alumni Mentor Network. Undergraduate: Tisch Scholar, Tisch Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life; face, Ears for Peers; member, Kappa Alpha Theta fraternity; grant recipient, Middlebury College-Mellon Research grant; mentee, CASE Network; fitness instructor, Tufts University Student Resources; writer, Tasty Tufts Culinary Magazine; member, Club Tennis

Other Professional / Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Discussion Group Chair (Latin America), Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, 2017-present; Host, The Dinner Party, 2016-present; Volunteer Evaluator, Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, 2016-present; Co-coordinator and Logistics Lead, CONNECT/Minyan of Thinkers, 2018-2019; volunteer, DC Greens (2017-2019); volunteer, True U (2017-2019); Board member (Mentorship & Networking, Communications), Washington DC/Suburban Maryland Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Chapter, 2017-2019

Candidate Statement: When I applied to Tufts early decision, I knew I’d be challenged academically and encouraged to expand my personal and professional skills in order to work in advocacy – whatever form that looked like, from exploring pediatrics (thank you for a solidly tough experience, physics!) to government and psychology. Since graduating in 2014, the community, tools, and values I gained at Tufts have helped direct me to where I am today, serving my local DC community through volunteering, integrating my academic passions with my extracurricular ones, and continuing to build strong friendships with Jumbos across the world.

I hope to serve the alumni community and University in two specific ways: first, by focusing on student and young alumni engagement, particularly as it relates to addressing the needs of graduating and recently graduated students around career development and advancement, community building, and TAC programming and second, by bridging community and programming gaps between international and domestic Jumbos and alumni from across different schools. 

My Tufts experience has served as a template for how I make a difference in the world, and I believe I can bring the values of active citizenship, empowering diverse voices, and honor and excellence to the Alumni Council. I’ll also bring some core, hard skills to the position – strong communication (for example, from facilitating high-level dialogues around international market access for private industry), strategic vision and implementation (developing and overseeing a mentorship program for recent fraternity alumnae), collaboration and teamwork (working as part of a leadership team to develop and implement a 6-month dialogue initiative), and experience with the University through the Admissions Network, Reunion Committee, and local club. It would be an honor and privilege to support the University and our alumni community, and I thank you for your consideration.

Sarah Tralins, A14