Yvonne Halpern Baevsky J84 and Rhonda Goldberg J82

Yvonne and Rhonda founded Tufts Alumni Western MA and created Tufts at Tanglewood. Since then, they have been chairing the event for 19 years. 

Yvonne Halpern Baevsky, J84, A15P, D19P, DG22P

I have been a volunteer for Tufts since serving on my 5th class reunion, and have since served on every reunion committee with a most dedicated Class of 1984. 

My mom always says that if you volunteer, you'll meet the cream of the crop. This is true! And you'll feel good about giving back to the school that prepared you for the world. Keep in touch with your Tufts friends and faculty!

I was elected to the Tufts Alumni Council and have served on its Executive Committee. I have co-chaired the Tufts Alumni Weekend/Homecoming Committee and especially enjoyed the Light on the Hill Ceremony and greeting alumni at the 55 and Over Luncheon. I encourage all alumni to meet our most senior alumni and hear their stories! Connect with Tufts Jumbos wherever you live!

Rhonda Goldberg, J82

I am a founding member of Tufts Alumni Western MA and Tufts at Tanglewood. Together with Yvonne, we have brought speakers from Tufts campus to Western MA including Tufts President Larry Bacow, the Dean of Admissions, the Dean of Arts and Sciences, and the Dean of the Medical School. These sell-out events have even brought Sol Gittleman to the National Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, MA. 

I began to volunteer for Tufts about 20 years ago, shortly after leaving the Boston area and moving to Western Massachusetts. I have returned to campus to attend a majority of my reunions and to participate in volunteer symposiums run by the Office of Alumni Engagement. My favorite part of volunteering for Tufts is meeting fellow alumni and giving back to the school for which I hold many great memories. I encourage fellow alumni to become involved on whatever level they feel comfortable.